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A nimble group of coders and creatives, our team has built thousands of web applications, marketing sites, landing pages, user portals, and e-commerce engines for outstanding marketing agencies and incredible businesses.


As a team of design-first developers, we have found tremendous traction partnering with creative agencies (branding, marketing, and PR agencies). Through dozens of partnerships scattered around the country, we’ve perfected the craft of navigating the agency world of requirements, timelines, budget, and commitment to pixel-perfect excellence. We’ve made agency-dev partnerships our specialty. Read more


Keeping your website fresh, up-to-date, accessible, and relevant is challenging. You don’t have the time or expertise to be a website marketing expert. Over the course of the last decade we’ve designed, built, and deployed thousands of websites for businesses across the U.S. We can leverage our expertise to design and build your next site while you focus on growing your business. Reach out to us to chat.



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SEO Gains from Website Accessibility and ADA Compliance

Introduction In the digital age, understanding the synergy between website accessibility and SEO is pivotal for enhancing your site’s visibility and user experience, and ensuring your website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, is not only a legal requirement but also an ethical imperative. This article delves into how the Americans with...

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7 Reasons Why Kestrel’s Web Dev Process Keeps Partners Coming Back

We get it, outsourcing a website build can feel like a gamble. Will the developers be accessible and responsive? Will they provide accurate and honest updates? Will they allow previews of the build along the way? Are they more likely to ask questions or make assumptions? Will my team be doing all of the QA?...

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7 Tips for a Highly Effective Apprenticeship

There are a lot of advantages to joining a web development apprenticeship. For someone like me, a career-changer who took an online boot camp, it was a no-brainer. Breaking into the tech industry straight out of a boot camp may be possible for some, but I felt I needed to learn more than the introduction...

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Accessible Websites and ADA Compliance

Elevate your website’s usability with our ADA and WCAG-aligned Accessibility Optimization and Compliance services. It’s an essential step for inclusive design, broadening your reach. Find out how we make accessibility integral to our work.

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