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  • Brand Elevation
  • Mobile & Desktop Development
  • User Experience

The Challenge

Design & Detail originally reached out to the Kestrel team because they were having basic functional issues with their website. From the server randomly being down and/or spewing errors, admin changes not reflecting on the front-end, and constant form submissions from spammers, there was a point where we all realized we were trying to keep a dying site alive.

While it was clear to us that we needed to scrap the site and start over, we also know how big of an investment a new website is, so we continued to build the client’s confidence and trust in us, first and foremost. After a year of partnering with Kestrel to address various issues quickly and efficiently, meeting with us and learning the extent of our knowledge about website security, maintenance and improvements – it was time for the “new website talk”, which is a lot less scary than it sounds (we promise.)

Project Goals

Increased Website Hosting Security

Improved Overall User Experience

Product Inventory Feature & Filtering

The two most important aspects of the site when building a strategy for the UX was that 1) they have 2 locations and 2) they needed a way to display products that were available at each of their showroom locations, but without the option for purchasing them online.

Partnering with one of St. Louis’ best freelance designers to create a new website for the Design & Detail team was just the cherry on top of one of the projects of which we are most proud. Of course, a new website is always exciting, but there is something special about taking a burden off the shoulders of one of St. Louis’ small businesses that strikes that satisfaction chord just right.

As a local, growing interior design showroom and wholesaler, Design & Detail's team has many daily tasks to concern themselves with, and we all knew maintaining their website was taking up too much of their time. It was our pleasure to create a website for them that didn't only act as a brochure site, but also a way to level up their business by accurately reflecting the upscale experience of partnering with them on all fronts.
We thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with our team at The Kestrel Co. Lauren and Eric were quick to respond to our requests and thought outside the box to give us a website that functioned even better than we had imaged. They delivered a beautiful product and took the time to understand our brand to give us a personalized website that caters to our industry. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a new website or even get a simple refresh!
Carolyn Brotherton
Design & Detail
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