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Healthy Websites Without the Worry

Do you know how your website is actually doing? From monthly plug-in updates to core hosting changes to accessibility monitoring, Kestrel is on top of it. The systems we have in place allow us to make timely updates so you can be sure your website is always running optimally.

There are a lot of moving parts underpinning any website, and it’s crucial to stay on top of the health of all of them. You shouldn’t have to keep track on security updates, software licenses, and automated backups. Stay focused on running your business and let us worry about all the rest.

Website maintenance plans take care of your site so it will take care of you.

A sense of security goes a long way when it comes to your website. Businesses like yours can’t afford sites going down for hours, contact forms that don’t get delivered, or out-of-date plugins that reduce performance and frustrate their customers.

With our website maintenance plans, you can rest assured that we are staying on top of all of the little things it takes to keep your website a well-oiled machine. This includes:

  • Daily, 30-day rolling backups of your entire site.
  • Regular WordPress plugin updates for security and performance.
  • On-demand support for any and all issues.

Our developers have been working with WordPress for years. We know the ins and outs of the platform, its marketplace of plugins, and the majors players in the hosting space, which means we know where potential pitfalls lie and how to avoid them.

They're really great at taking initiative and managing projects from cradle to grave. Usually when you find a reasonable cost you have to compromise on quality, time, or oversight required. Not with this team! They're just really great.
Tim Fallon Green Light Innovations

We’re here to help with your website maintenance needs.

We know this can be an intimidating aspect of owning a website, and it can feel like a bit of a black box too. Before we get your maintenance plan started, we will walk you through every aspect of what we do each month and what benefits you’ll be receiving from that work. This is a broad offering with lots of perks, but here are some most important benefits of having a website maintenance plan:

Secure hosting

Our preferred hosting provides tremendous security features that work to keep your website safe. You will receive a dedicated server, performance monitoring of code, themes, and plugins, optimized caching, protection from attacks, automatic WordPress and PHP updates, free SSL certificates, and daily backups of your site.

Plugin updates

Our team will run plugin updates each month to ensure security and performance. These plugins provide critical funcationality for your site, so they need to be kept up to date. By running these updates locally first and testing each one, we avoid any unwanted changes that can happen as the result of an automatic process.

Responsive support

Our team of WordPress experts is available to you on an as-needed basis. If you have a pressing issue, we’re just a call or email away, ready and waiting to assist you if anything goes awry. We take immense pride in each an every one of our sites and clients, and handle every site like it’s our own, so you can rest assured we will always handle any issue in a timely and sensitive manner.

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