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Media Plans from Beginning to End

Kestrel provides expertise in navigating the media landscape. Our media plans are research-driven and results-oriented. This means we execute every campaign across the most efficient traditional and digital media platforms to reach our clients’ goals.


We work to discover strategic insights on our clients’ markets and target audiences. We then use this information to create the most efficient, cost-effective media strategies. As technology continuously drives innovation within the media industry, we work day in and day out to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

The media landscape continues to change. We’re here to help our clients evolve with it.


Kestrel negotiates and executes all media plans from start to finish. We leverage our relationships within the industry to earn the best bang for our client’s buck. With extensive knowledge in media buying and strategy, we are able to ensure our clients’ media dollars go further. We like to call it the “Kestrel Klout.”


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We’re here to help

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Increase sales


With B2B brands, well designed websites can increase brand awareness, differentiate from competitors and shorten long sales cycles. Even without selling directly, great websites become sales tools that inspire action.

We also create marketing and e-commerce sites for B2C brands that support both virtual and in-person sales.

Generate qualified leads


Websites are the heart of most business’ digital marketing strategy. When built strategically, they become a channel that can generate a steady stream of sales leads. We love this approach (we use it ourselves), and we carry it into every website we create for clients.

Improve SEO and increase web traffic


Even the best designed websites don’t matter much if customers can’t find them. With every website we build, we combine content and business strategy to make sure your website ranks in search engine results, increasing organic traffic along the way.

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Ready to talk about your SEO plan?

Ready to talk about your SEO plan?

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