Convoy of Hope

A nonprofit website with passion, personality & promise.

  • Brand Elevation
  • Flexible Authoring
  • Mobile & Desktop Development
  • User Experience

The Challenge

For a humanitarian organization with global impact like Convoy of Hope, sometimes the hardest thing can be communicating efforts and the positive changes resulting from their work without losing their audiences. That’s exactly the what this new website achieves – it’s an outlet that clearly leads both those they partner with, and those whose lives they’ve changed, through their focus areas, stories, and processes for involvement.

It’s not every day we have the chance to work with a purpose-driven organization which also encompasses a highly-designed, memorable brand. In addition to the broad color palette and hopeful language established by our partner agency, we further elevated the brand to incorporate robust yet consistent movement and a flexible yet dynamic authoring system for their active marketing team.

Project Goals

Increase Donor Investments

Flexible, Scalable Authoring System

Increase Volunteer Engagement

What better time to try out a new authoring system in WordPress than for a brand that has a color for each individual initiative, a constant flow of new media assets, and a robust set of illustrations?

Learning to build a site in WordPress with Kadence + Gutenberg while simultaneously (and confidently) teaching others how to use it was a fun challenge, to say the least. Partnering with one of St. Louis’ top design firms on the project, we knew we had to truly deliver on this tool.

Kestrel felt a strong responsibility to honor Convoy of Hope, and all of the people they serve, by building a digital experience which successfully communicates their values – unity, integrity, love, excellence, dignity, service, support, partnership, advocacy and above all – hope.
Just wanted to again say thanks for all your efforts and hard work on getting the new website up and running. The response both internal and external has been overwhelmingly positive... We are already seeing tremendous growth from the improved experience for our users and donors, which ultimately allows us to help and serve more people across the globe.
Allen Tignor
Convoy of Hope
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