A nimble group of coders and creatives.

Saint Louis Web & Mobile Development

How We Work
Since 2013, our team has built thousands of web applications, marketing sites, landing pages, user portals, and e-commerce engines. Over the years we have often partnered with outstanding marketing agencies to build web solutions for clients that are just, well, pretty freakin’ awesome. We’re bringing to the table a wealth of industry insights, an understanding of best practices, and a proven track record of over-delivering.

Be Good

Life is too short for mediocrity. We believe in loving what you do and doing it with excellence. We believe in lifelong learning, loving others, and not cutting corners.

Talk Good

Deliciously ironic, eh? The fact is, we’re not your typical coders. We love grammar, make dumb jokes, and know the importance of communication.

Do Good

Anyone can make a buck; we want to make a difference. When we help great partners turn dreams into reality, we help make the world a better place.

The Kestrel

Ever seen a kestrel? In many respects, they’re remarkable. They’re lightweight. They’re responsive. They’re small. And you know what? They totally own being small. People often underestimate the small, but not in the animal kingdom. There, small is fast. Small is nimble. Small is precise. So, yeah, they’re basically our spirit animal.

Owner / Principal,
Lead Developer
UI Developer,
Business Development
Project Director,
Content Creator
Wordpress Developer,
SEO Specialist
Web Developer,
Content Specialist
Wordpress Developer,
Vue.js Developer

Our Services

Web & App Design

Performant, scalable web applications built with modern JavaScript libraries Angular, React, and Node

Marketing Sites

Handcrafted, responsive, custom themes built with modern HTML5 and CSS, powered by WordPress

Web & Mobile Apps

Native mobile applications for iPhone and Android built with Swift, Java, and React Native

E-Commerce Sites

Powerful solutions built on WooCommerce and integrated with your payment gateway of choice

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