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There seems to be a new design trend every 15 minutes on the internet. But great design is about more than just riding the wave of what’s trending. It’s about thoughtful user experiences, elegant design patterns, and careful accessibility implementation.

Our goal is to always give you the website you want. But more than that, we want to give you the website you actually need. Our designers know how to carefully marry beautiful design with logical UX so that your site delivers on all your goals: increasing sales, generating leads, and elevating your online brand.

We provide beautiful, functional website designs that showcase your brand.

Your website is almost always going to be your customer’s first impression of your brand. More and more these days, the first place anyone is exposed to your brand and its ethos is online, whether that’s through link referral, targeted ads, or search.

Our designers take great care to make sure your website is a showcase piece in your brand portfolio and represents you and your vision accurately. We achieve that with:

  • Crafting thoughtful, intuitive UX patterns driven by user stories.
  • Creating designs that marry classic elements with modern flourishes.
  • Building accessibility into the core of our designs and our code.

The great designer Saul Bass said, “Design is thinking made visual.” It is the core mission of our team to distill your business’ way of thinking and lead your users directly to the information they most want to find.

We love working with The Kestrel Co. They have a great eye, they have a great attention to detail, and they are incredibly fun to work with. Their fresh approach is unmatched and we’d highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.
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We’re here to help you with your website design needs.

Finding the right web design partner can be an exercise in frustration, especially if you feel like you’re talking past one another. We’re here to listen, learn, and iterate with you through a process of feedback and revision. We will work tirelessly to get it right and deliver you a design you can be proud of, and when we do you can feel confident your design checks all of these boxes:

Intuitive user experience

It doesn’t matter how good your website looks if your users can’t find what they need. We start with user stories, content outlines, and wireframes to ensure form follows function. We never sacrifice on visual quality, but we work tirelessly to ensure design elements don’t detract from a user’s ultimate goal.

Timeless design

Our designers don’t follow trends just for trendiness’ sake, but rather work to always infuse your unique brand with both elements of classic and modern design language. We want your website to always feel both current and timeless. It’s a fine line to walk, but the results are magical every time we pull it off.

Built-in accessibility

The internet was born of an egalitarian spirit and we strive to build products in that vein, meaning we build websites for everyone. Regardless of what device you use to access a website or how you consume its content, we take every effort to make sure the things we build are accessible to every user.

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