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Photo by Christina Morillo

We get it, outsourcing a website build can feel like a gamble. Will the developers be accessible and responsive? Will they provide accurate and honest updates? Will they allow previews of the build along the way? Are they more likely to ask questions or make assumptions? Will my team be doing all of the QA? And, above all, how can I convince my client that the investment in Kestrel’s web dev process will benefit them in the long run?

Ultimately, you (or the client) might wonder if it’s better to build the site with a freelancer or rely on your small, overloaded dev team handling it. We’ve seen it many times before; in those cases, you’ll likely risk your client’s satisfaction due to a lack of communication, unclear expectations, or inevitable delays.

Without the guarantee of Kestrel’s web dev process, it’s hard to imagine a website launch going smoothly.

At Kestrel, this is what sets us apart and defines how we work:

  1. We offer optional scheduled check-ins at the start of each development sprint. These check-ins include questions, clarifications, previews, and more. All of the work is planned in advance, so you know when we’ll be working on what. No unpleasant surprises.
  2. If possible, we’ll pair up with you on Slack Connect. It’s perfect for discussing even the tiniest details, such as: “does it make sense to build this block to dynamically pull content from another part of the site or would the client prefer the flexibility of entering the content manually?” We also often make recommendations to ensure consistency, ask for examples of complex block builds from our partners to get it right the first time, and provide a quick preview of functionality before progressing too far with a task.
  3. We have a built-in internal debugging and QA process, which can optionally include content entry. By the time we share the site with you, we’ve meticulously reviewed it and you can focus on the finishing touches instead of logging visual or functional issues.
  4. We are a team of multiple developers, and each of us contributes to nearly every project. If a developer is absent for any reason, we can guarantee that the show will go on, and the timeline will not be affected.
  5. We use a project management system for our builds and Bugherd for our reviews. When working with a freelancer, you don’t always have the luxury of benefitting from the tools and subscriptions that an expert dev team like Kestrel has access to.
  6. We serve as a point of contact who can train the client to manage their new website and be a resource for them. From the client’s perspective, it’s beneficial to have a representative from the development side who can speak about requirements, expectations, and more that you can trust. 
  7. We set boundaries and promptly identify scope creep, benefiting both the design and dev teams, ultimately strengthening the partnership. We’ll bend when necessary and where possible, of course, and we appreciate transparency and fairness, just like you.

Initially, outsourcing the dev process to Kestrel may seem more costly but, we believe it’s ultimately more cost-effective for everyone. When a developer wears all hats, there’s a risk of project fatigue, more mistakes, and increased back and forth, leading to more expenses. Our approach ensures that our developers can focus on what they do best: building websites, while our project manager handles the rest. While we’re flexible in our roles based on strengths, interests, and efficiencies at Kestrel, you can generally expect a dedicated project manager to handle most communication, scheduling, QA, and representing the client’s needs and preferences.

Perhaps the most important thing to note is why it’s critical to ensure the dev services you’re paying for include development project management. All other things being equal, what sets working with Kestrel apart? The resounding answer is that your clients will be happy, and they will keep coming back. Our team consistently delivers top notch websites on time, every time. As a result of our refined approach, not only is the end product of high quality, but the feedback from our clients and partners often highlights that working with us is enjoyable, enlightening, and exceeds expectations.

Are you ready for your next website build? Reach out to us and let us be part of the process from the early stages. We’re confident that once we’re on your team, you’ll never worry about dev resourcing again.