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Your Website Has Lost That Loving Feeling

Remember that time you bought a new car? It smelled so good (in a shampoo-chemical, artificial-fiber kind of way). It was clean. The floor mats were pristine. The speakers were jamming. You were rollin’! My personal favorite memory from that time period: there were no warning or negative indicator lights appearing on the dashboard. Ah, those were the days.

Fast forward five years. My how things have changed. Now you set your drink on the roof of the care without regard. Scratches? You’ve got ’em. Perfect floor mats? Well three of the four are at least still in the car. There is a mysterious goo in the back cupholder. The trunk is littered with junk. And woe of all woes, the check-engine light and tire pressure indicator lights are perpetually on. You have lost your first love.

That, my friend, is almost identical to your website. Right? When you first launched your site, you were oh so proud! Flashy buttons. Beautiful pictures. Fresh content. Yeah, and then life happened. You got busy. You focused on your clients. And now your website is, at best, blah. It’s out of date. It’s stale. It’s boring. It’s, well, it’s embarrassing. Your website has lost that lovin’ feelin’.

Embarrassing old clothes

The love-cycle of your car is a near mirror image of the love-cycle of your company’s website. The main difference is that your love (and your visitors’ love) for your website fades two to three times faster than your car’s.

Here’s how most companies approach their web project: (1) pick a website design and development vendor, (2) spend a few months wireframing and designing, (3) go through the difficult process of innovating and bringing that design to life, (4) train, launch, and acclimate employees to the new site, (5) promote that new website through social media channels, (6) and finally move on to other tasks.

One year later, they call their website guys with a few changes. Another year goes by. A few more copy changes come in. A team member has left. Hours have changed. Another year passes.

The company board meets and people start saying, “We really need to do something with our website. It’s pretty out of date. Let’s budget for a new website next year.” They start the process all over again. They spend a giant sum of money on a brand new website, content overhaul, and site restructure. And guess who they don’t call for a quote? The original web agency. After all, they designed and developed the piece of junk that everybody now hates.

Your website is like your kids: you can’t just make them and then expect them to be fine on their own. They need babysitting. They need TLC. They need feeding with fresh content, fixing, innovating, they need LOVE every single month.

If you don’t have an on-going relationship with your web design company, it’s probably already too late. That’s why our mission at Kestrel (put loosely) is to keep that ‘new car smell’ in your website. You need a partner. You’re not up on the latest web trends. You’re not investing in page-speed techniques and image compression best practices. That’s why we partner with our clients to continue to love on, innovate on, and just pump energy into every website that we design and develop.

Do you remember that time you woke up and Google had radically changed the layout of their search engine? No! Of course you don’t because it never happened. Google has been around forever and it has changed drastically. But it has changed in tiny, micro-iterations over a long period of time. Google isn’t out-of-date. Google isn’t stale and embarrassing. And it’s because they are continually investing in keeping the site fresh, up-to-date, and innovative.

That’s what we want to do for and with you as well. Give us a shout. We’ll put that new car smell back in your old beater. And, if your car (website) is just falling apart and beyond repair, well, we’d be happy to put you in a brand new one today. (Financing available… Not really actually.)

Cheesy used car salesman