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Your website needs a photography and videography partner

Once upon a time, designing a website involved stealing animated gifs and cheesy stock photography from other websites. Those were the days of spinning icons and granulated scanned images. Hopefully, no one reading this post needs to hear this but, just in case, let me be clear: those days are long since dead. The Kestrel Co. was originally birthed as Switzer Creative because we decided prospective client partners would benefit the most if a creative web agency was married to a creative photo / video agency.

This isn’t a knock on stock photography. Perhaps there is a time, a place, or a budget where a few stock photos make sense. But on the whole, one of the best investments you can make in your online presence is in quality photo and video content.

Switzerfilm mascotWe are beyond privileged to partner with the leading photography and cinematography group in the Midwest, Switzerfilm. Trust me, you’ve never worked with a better company. They are some cool cats who love to have a good time. (This is their mascot. ‘nough said.)

We contend that the most creative, engaging, and true-to-the-client websites come from a symbiotic relationship between the people building a website and the folks capturing, editing, and producing the graphic content for that site.

Think about it. Which should come first, photography and videography or website design? Yeah, we don’t know either. There’s not a good answer for that question. The site’s design will take its layout, color, style, and feel from the graphic content. But then again, the graphic content should feel custom shaped for the medium that it’s filling (the website). So again, which comes first?

For Kestrel, the answer is neither should come first. They should happen together. They are two horses pulling the wagon together. You need your website team to be embedded in your photo video team. And, you need your photo video team embedded in your website team.

Henderson Trucking

Switzerfilm traveled out west to get this stunning Henderson Trucking photo for their website.

Switzerfilm and Switzer Creative pose their fun team photo to look great with their typography.

Switzerfilm and the Kestrel Co. pose their fun team photo to look great with their typography.

Your website visitors now have powerful devices with blazing internet connections and large bandwidth capacities. Don’t use generic pictures of random people you paid $5 for. This generation values authenticity and creativity. Show them who you are! Be real; be creative; be beautiful. (Yeah, I said that.)