Website Launch – CSI Leasing, Inc.

Before and After CSI Leasing Website

Wow! The last several months have been a whirlwind for our team. Sometimes I feel like a pinball bouncing between projects, but we’ve got some awesome clients and it’s all worth it when we’re finally able to launch their sites.

One site I was particularly stoked to launch was a multisite for CSI Leasing, Inc. we rolled out mid-August. As global leaders in equipment leasing, the CSI team came to us wanting a site that better represented how much attention that give to staying on the cutting edge of technology.

But, this would be more than a simple facelift. They have over 25 sites spanning four continents and ten languages. They needed a flexible solution that would be completely content manageable but also allow for centralized control of shared data to avoid having to enter location information and financial data two dozen times on every update.

We think the new site is pretty hot and look forward to seeing the success of our partners at CSI Leasing! If your company is needing to update your technology or acquire new equipment, reach out and see what solutions CSI has to fit you.