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Website Launch – Handcrafted by Bissinger’s

I skip lunch a lot. It’s easier than packing my lunch, cheaper than buying it out, and it’s usually not a problem for me. It’s not a problem, that is, until I’m working on a website like the one we just launched for our friends at Handcrafted by Bissinger’s. Dang, son!

Our designer did a great job of putting stunning images of their dishes on display. Then again, he had a LOT of good material to work with. And it made me hungry. Now the site is launched and I can go back to forgetting about food until dinner.

Oh wait, no I can’t. Because I’ve got work to do for their sister company, 23 City Blocks Catering. Oh vey! 😉

You might want to wait till after you’ve filled up at lunch to have a peek at the new website….OR, if you work in St. Louis near the Central West End, you might want to pop over and taste those tantalizing treats for yourself! Tell them Kestrel sent you!


Website Launch – Dynamic Transit

One of the things I love about my job is the opportunity to interact with clients in a wide range of fields. One day, we’ll be interacting with some of St. Louis’ premier wedding photographers; the next day we’ll be catching up with friends in the trucking industry.

In each case, we aim to know our clients so well that we are delivering a site that expresses not merely the distinctive elements of their industry but the distinctive elements that make our clients stand out from the crowd. Additionally, each of our clients have different needs and desires based on how much they will be customizing and changing their site.

Our friends at Dynamic Transit were looking for a “dynamic”, modern look with a LOT of flexibility. A few weeks ago, we rolled out a new site for them that delivered just that. Check them out!


Website Launch – CSI Leasing, Inc.

Before and After CSI Leasing Website

Wow! The last several months have been a whirlwind for our team. Sometimes I feel like a pinball bouncing between projects, but we’ve got some awesome clients and it’s all worth it when we’re finally able to launch their sites.

One site I was particularly stoked to launch was a multisite for CSI Leasing, Inc. we rolled out mid-August. As global leaders in equipment leasing, the CSI team came to us wanting a site that better represented how much attention that give to staying on the cutting edge of technology.

But, this would be more than a simple facelift. They have over 25 sites spanning four continents and ten languages. They needed a flexible solution that would be completely content manageable but also allow for centralized control of shared data to avoid having to enter location information and financial data two dozen times on every update.

We think the new site is pretty hot and look forward to seeing the success of our partners at CSI Leasing! If your company is needing to update your technology or acquire new equipment, reach out and see what solutions CSI has to fit you.


Epic new video for one of our favorite clients

You ain’t seen nothin’ until you give this video a looksie. We partnered with Switzerfilm to produce this for one of our clients, Henderson Trucking. It took some serious work to produce this video, traveling from Illinois to Las Vegas, stopping up bridges and octo-copter fly-overs. To experience the full effect, check it out on their site.